SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard)


The improvements under this contract consist of widening and resurfacing for SR 50 (Cortez Boulevard) from a four-lane rural facility to a six-lane urban facility with a design speed of 45mph from Windmere Rd/Bronson Blvd. to east of Kettering Rd. and to a six-lane rural facility with a design speed of 65mph from east of Kettering Rd. to US 98. US 98 south of SR 50 will be widened from 2 to 4 lanes divided with a 55mph design speed. This project will also include widening and resurfacing from US 98 to US 301 from a two-lane rural facility to a four-lane rural facility. The intersections will be upgraded to concrete pavement. This project will also include drainage and utility improvements, along with improvements to pedestrian features, median openings, turn lanes and intersections, bridge widening and upgrading the bridge approach guardrail to current design standards. Pedestrian and bicycle accommodations are being provided via 5-foot (min.) sidewalks, bicycle lanes and paved shoulders.

Roadway Length: 5.642 miles

Owner: FDOT

Cost: $56,548,532.65

Completed: 2023